About us

Community Radio is characterized by the active participation of the community in the process of creating news, information, entertainment and culturally relevant material, with an emphasis on local issues and concerns. It is a non-profit making enterprise. Local producers can create program using local language. The community can also actively participate in the management of the station.

After having license from the Bangladesh Government, Young Power in Social Action (YPSA) as an initiator, established Community Radio in Sitakund, a sub-district of Chittagong, Bangladesh. The name of this Community Radio is RADIO SAGOR GIRI, which carries the natural characteristics of Sitakund that is surrounded by Ocean (Sagor) and Mountains (Giri).

The main objective of this radio is to provide livelihood related information to the rural communities in an understandable way. Agriculture, education, health, disaster, environment, climate change, women, youth and child issues, market price, social services etc. are covered by the community radio.
Radio Sagor Giri is a radio for all the members of the community. Everybody is invited to participate, give his opinion, share interests and tastes and listen to the radio. The principal target groups are the indigenous and ethnic minorities, fisher folk community, women, farmers, person with disabilities and young people

YPSA is a voluntary, nonprofit, social development organization founded in 1985 registered with the different departments of the people’s republic of Bangladesh including NGO Affairs Bureau, Department of Social welfare, Department of Youth Development, Health and Family Welfare, Copyright office , Register of Joint Stock Companies and Firms and Micro Credit Regulatory Authority .