7th annual convention of self-help organization of persons with disabilities held

7th annual convention of Self-help Organization of Persons with Disabilities was held with the support of Actionaid Bangladesh at YPSA HRDC Sitakund Campus on 22 October 2014. About 500 representatives from 40 Self Help Organizations of Persons with Disabilities participated in the convention. Mr. Muhammad Shahin Imran, UNO of Sitakund was present as the chief guest in the program. He inaugurated the convention raising the national flag and singing of National Anthem.

Sitakund Federation of DPOs; a Federation developed to guide and support the 40 self-help organizations for persons with disabilities (PWDs). The aim of these self-help organizations is to assist persons with disabilities to become empowered by being part of a larger group and to work together for improved knowledge, participation in society and rights.

Speach by Muhammad Shahin Imran, UNO of SitakundSpeach by Iffat parveen shoma, Deputy manager of Actionaid BangladeshParticipants of different self-help organization coming to the convention with rallyA women with disability performing on the stage Speech by Mr. Shamsuddin Bhuiyan, President of YPSASpeech by Mr. Babul Dev Nath, President of Sitakund DPO


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